Pro 2A Rally In Washington DC, November 2nd 2019

Come Show Your Support for the 2nd Amendment








What is the rally?

The rally is a non-partisan demonstration that will be held on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 1300 until 1600 in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. with the sole focus of highlighting the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

Who should attend the rally?

We encourage anyone who values their constitutional right to bear arms to attend the rally. The tides are turning and gun control has been pushed to the forefront of national politics. It is extremely important that we make our voices heard and fight to defend the 2nd Amendment.

What can I do to help?

Show up! Join thousands of fellow Americans to let our politicians that our Constitutional rights are non-negotiable. 

Who else will be there?

This rally is being heavily supported by members of the gun community. There are many speakers slated to attend the rally, including Iraqveteran888, Tim Harmsen from Military Arms Channel, Reich Pratt from Gun Owners of America, Rob Pincus from the Second Amendment Organization, Craig Deluz from Firearms Policy Coalition, and many more!

What are the rules?

This is NOT an open carry rally. Open Carry is illegal in Washington DC and concealed carry is highly restrictive. We ask that you dress and conduct yourselves in a professional manner. Appearance and demeanor go a long way to bolster the professionalism of the pro-gun community. If you break gun laws or get yourself arrested, the media will cast a negative light over the entire rally.

How should I deal with protesters?

Do not threaten, insult, or provoke anti-gun protesters. If you speak to them, it’s important to speak eloquently. The “antis” have pretty standard talking points demonizing gun owners. This excellently written article from Ryan Cleckner sums up the majority of them. Phrases like “common sense gun control” and “military grade weapons” indicate the person probably doesn’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject and are simply repeating things they heard on the news. The cure for ignorance is knowledge. If you do engage with protesters, try to educate them on the subject and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

For more information, please visit the official 2nd Amendment Rally website:

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